Is Sling Bag Suitable For Wholesale?

The capacity of the sling bag is not as large as the backpack, the use of the crowd may not be as many as the backpack, so it is still suitable for a large number of wholesale, the answer is of course yes.

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First, it is concluded that sling bags are of course suitable for wholesale, and the main groups of sling bags are young people. Sales are especially good near the schools. The sling bag’s design is relatively simple, the cost is lower than the ordinary backpack of the same material. It’s easy to carry, anti-theft, and also can be used as a fashion item.

1. A sling bag

Compared to a normal backpack, the sling bag is small, suitable for travel, but also for everyday wear, and has evolved into a functional accessory for young people. An evolution of the fanny pack, the sling bag can be worn on your back, slung across your shoulders, or placed in front of your chest. The sling bag is small and packed with essentials to help you lighten the load and avoid a wet back on hot days. Sling bags are more popular with young men.

2. Features

2.1 Wide range of uses

One of the main reasons sling bags are popular with young people is their versatility. Put your mobile ID when you travel, your keys when you go to work, and a small umbrella when you go shopping or for a walk. Whatever you do, carry a sling bag to free your hands.

2.2 Versatile Carrying Options

Sling bags can be carried on the shoulder, slung across the waist, behind the back, or in front. With so many ways to carry it, there’s always one that’s right for you. When you carry a sling bag, you can easily find a comfortable and simple way to carry it according to your habits and needs. This is a backpack, messenger bag and other types of bags cannot do.

2.3 Easy Access

The compartment of the sling bag can store your valuables, and you can also get it very easily, unlike backpacks that still need to be taken down from the back, and it’s not convenient to take things. That’s why young people really like sling bags. If you want to store more things, you can also choose a sling bag with a larger capacity, with a wider padded shoulder strap, which also ensures the comfort of your shoulders.

2.4 Not stuffy

The best sling bags for summer are lightweight and will keep your back cool, unlike carrying a duffel bag that is full of sweat, making them the perfect match for your beach vacation or outing.

2.5 Easy to move around

A duffel bag may make it less convenient for you to move around, but a sling bag won’t have to worry about that at all, and the simple design won’t interfere with any outdoor activities, including skateboarding. The simple design will not interfere with any outdoor activities, including skateboarding. The hands that are freed can also interact better with the environment.

2.6 Ergonomic

Sling bags are ergonomic for carrying valuables and accessories. When a sling bag is placed behind your back, the weight of the bag is supported by your back or hips, reducing stress on areas such as the neck and shoulders. Sling bags are usually smaller and lighter, reducing the weight you carry when you are out and about.

2.7 Fashion

The benefits mentioned earlier showcase the ways in which a sling bag can improve your daily life, all very practical. In addition to these benefits, there is another benefit that young people love, and that is that the bag is very stylish. If you like to chase trends, then you must have a sling bag that can match your hip-hop outfit and make you the most fashionable person in the crowd.

3. What to look for when choosing a sling backpack

3.1 Comfort

The size of the bag and the design of the shoulder straps both greatly affect the comfort of the sling bag, so when purchasing, you need to choose a bag based on your body type and usage.

3.2 Straps

Padded straps will be much less of a burden on your shoulders, and wide straps are more comfortable than narrow ones. The zipper is also important. Choosing a good quality zipper can allow you to easily access items on your chest without taking the bag off.

3.3 Anti-theft

Sling bags are great for anti-theft features because you can carry them right across your chest so you can see your bag at all times, unlike a backpack. If you need very good anti-theft features, then locking compartments, anti-slash panels and straps, lockdown mechanisms, and RFID are all must-haves. So, before ordering, you need to understand the market and customer needs so that you can customize the right product.

4. Conclusion

Whether it’s a day at the office or a day out on the road, a sling bag is the perfect carry-on piece. airscape textile offers a custom sling bag service, any design, fabric, or color can be built to your needs, so feel free to contact us if you need one.

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