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Welcome to Airscape Textile, where overseas buyers find unmatched value in sourcing bags:

  1. Extensive product range
  2. Trusted partner with millions in exports
  3. Quality assurance and personalized service
  4. Streamlined process for hassle-free sourcing


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Numbers we are proud of

Setting sail into the global market, our brand’s journey is marked by ambition and growing numbers. Despite our budding presence, our domestic heritage fuels our belief in a future where our name resonates worldwide.

In the challenging realm of bag wholesale, our confidence in quality products and promising growth charts speaks volumes. Ready to team up? As our exclusive distributor, you’ll reign as the sole importer, holding the key to our premium bag line.

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For over 10 years, Airscape Textile has proudly served as your trusted source for wholesale bags in China. Rely on our extensive experience and expertise to provide you with high-quality bags tailored to your needs.