What Kind of Fonts Fit on Your Bag?

The printing on the outside of the bag is not limited to the pattern, but also the text, how to make your text attractive and unforgettable, so that you can maximize the effect of your brand promotion?

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Custom bags are not only about the material, style and design of the custom bag, but if you want to market your company brand, image and influence, you will definitely print a logo or promotional slogan on the custom bag. Then what font to use to print, the size of the printing font is very delicate, printing words will directly affect the brand and the company’s marketing effect. We have compiled this font guide, and hope that it can provide you with some help when you develop a new bag style.

1. Why do fonts matter?

Different fonts give different visual impacts, and choosing the right font is critical for either logo or image design to convey the key message of the brand or image. A bad font can undermine the brand message you wish to share. Fonts and typography have always been an essential part of brand advertising, and different fonts convey different messages to potential customers. For example, classical fonts convey personality, while modern fonts look cleaner and bold fonts attract more attention.

2. Tips for choosing


If there is a lot of text to be printed, the layout should leave more margins, as a lot of white space will help with reading. So the margins should be proportional to your logo or slogan. The more words you have, the larger the margins.

Some bags, such as jute bags, need a larger font because the weave lines are thicker, and a smooth, tighter weave in cotton allows for a more refined font.

Stand out in color

Choose a font that is thicker and must stand out from the background color of the package. The more the font color is differentiated from the background color of the package, the more the font will stand out and be easier to recognize.

Consistent fonts

Packages have a limited amount of space, and you should keep the fonts consistent on a limited amount of space and try to use only one font so it doesn’t look confusing. If there are keywords that need to be highlighted, it is sufficient to use at most one more different font and no more than two fonts on the layout of a package. Keeping it clean and simple is the most effective way to convey your brand message.


The typography needs to be simple so that it is not distracting and the typeface needs to be clear and easy to read. Does the font match the style of your bag, for example, is it stylish and playful or traditional and subdued? All these factors should be taken into account when choosing a font.

3. Commonly used font recommendations


It is a commonly used font for printing on computers, easy to read and easy to print.


A commonly used font that looks simple, clean and generous, perfect for bag printing.

Book Antiqua

This font comes with a vintage style that is popular with designers. This typeface conveys a delicate, soft feeling and is more suitable for embroidery printing.

Prestige Elite

This font has the same effect as typewritten words from the past and is better suited for printing quotations and sayings or trendy proverbs to give the bag a cultured look.

Segoe Script

This font gives a spirited and elegant feel, very period and female bag use, this font needs a relatively large font size for people to be able to read it easily.

4. Conclusion

Fonts can accomplish your brand image and convey accurate brand messages, the right font is important, if you have a font that needs to be designed, you can also contact us and we will provide you with a custom service for your bag exclusively, contact us now!

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