How Can Promotional Bags Help Your Trade Show?

What else can you use to attract customers at an exhibition besides showing your company's products? That must be promotional gifts. Among them, the durable ones are the promotional bags

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Companies in sales must have attended trade shows, which provide a convenient channel for suppliers and customers to establish contacts and impress partners through face-to-face interaction, all of which are benefits of trade shows. But how to strengthen the relationship with potential customers? Maybe you will hand out business cards, yes, this is also a way, but a more effective way must be to give some promotional gifts with your company logo on them. Try to choose promotional items that can be reused, such as shopping bags.

1. Benefits

1.1 Maximizing Exposure

A large logo or slogan print can greatly increase brand exposure, which is a simple and direct way to promote your brand. Imagine the potential customer reach as your customers walk through the trade show hall with a shopping bag with your company logo on it. With dozens of companies competing with you for customers, it’s important to make your company stand out, attract and interact with them.

1.2 Easy to recognize

Customizing a high-quality, good looking, durable promotional bag can help maximize the promotion of your brand. A unique and eye-catching design will allow customers to distinguish your brand from others.

1.3 Extra points

We all know that products are important, but product giveaways are just as important, they can reflect the quality of your product from the side, taste and can enhance the first impression in the customer’s mind.

2. What kinds of bags are suitable?

2.1 Shopping totes

Imagine a trade show floor where customers are offered a variety of small giveaways; pens, books, maybe even umbrellas. This is when you provide shopping bags that allow customers to easily store these things. Note, do not use plastic shopping bags, try to use canvas, cotton and other better texture, durable shopping bags.

2.2 Cooler bags

In addition to shopping bags, lightweight cooler bags are also popular with customers. Reefer bags are also used frequently for picnics, camping, work, school or other outdoor activities to keep snacks, drinks, and lunches. This way, your brand exposure has been greatly enhanced again.

2.3 Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are probably the lightest weight of promotional items, and drawstring bags can be carried behind your back, making them easier to carry than a tote. Drawstring bags are also suitable for large logo and graphic printing, so they are ideal for branding.

2.3 Wine Totes

Wine tote bags are also a great option if you want to be different from the rest, come in multiple sizes and colors, and are also great for printed graphics, again reusable.

3. A few points to keep in mind

3.1 Custom bags to match the theme of your event

If it is a separate exhibition event for your company, then all designs for the event should be consistent, with tablecloths, posters, and giveaways matching your theme. Information that is highlighted in the brochure should also be printed on the package. Maintaining consistency is the only way to maximize the effect of your event.

3.2 Choose the suitable bag style

Depending on the kind of your potential customers, choose bag styles that will appeal to them. Once you’ve done a profile of your users, you can get an idea of their preferences and then determine whether it’s a drawstring bag, shopping bag, wine bag or other types of reusable bag.

3.3 Color and material matter

Although it is only a giveaway, the choice of fabric should not be random, high-quality fabrics will add to your product, environmentally friendly non-woven and woven bags are most often used, jute and cotton bags are also an option. At the same time the color of the bag should match the brand color and design.

3.4 Use the bags as decorative items

You can use your imagination and creativity to use the bags as a decorative item, not just a giveaway. Embroidery, and infectious patterns can all make your promotional bags more attractive.

3.5 Order the bags ahead of time

Since you need to choose a custom service, you must contact the supplier in advance to design a custom bag. Send the design information to the supplier, including the company name, campaign slogan, products to be promoted, brand colors, logo, etc. In case of customizing a smaller bag, there may not be enough space to include all brand elements. In the case of a standard tote bag, there is still enough space for personalization.

4. Conclusion

If you are willing to buy promotional bags in China, we will offer you a customization service where you can choose solid color or printed bags according to your needs. What are you hesitating for, contact us now!

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