Do You Need Printing Artworks on Your Bags?

What kind of pattern is suitable for printing on the bag? To print double-sided or single-sided, how large an area to print? Do you also have this confusion. No matter, leave it to us, we will design a printed bag that you are satisfied with!

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Cotton and canvas bags are the most common bags used for promotional purposes because they are perfect for printing and the prints and text can be used as a great promotional sales channel. Custom bags are usually printed before the bag is assembled, and the variety and size of options available for such printing are relatively abundant. If the bag is a ready-made blank bag, then the design or text can be printed in the center, or if it is necessary, edge-to-edge printing can be done. However, it should be noted that the clarity of the printed pattern of the bag depends on the format and resolution provided by the customer. Therefore, when customizing the bag, for the effect of the bag pattern, the customer needs to provide a printing pattern that meets the standard.

The images on the site are likely to be compressed to ensure that the site opens quickly and the images load quickly. So, if the photos are just downloaded from the website, they may not be suitable for printing on the package. In addition, the images in the cell phone may not be suitable either, because the photos on the cell phone are small and although they look clear on the phone, they will be much enlarged when printed on the package, so the pattern printing is still very demanding for the original file.

With all this talk about what to look for in images, what format is best for printing, the answer is EPS, tell your graphic designer to provide the design in EPS format to the supplier.

1. Types of printing

1.1 Photo prints

Photos can be printed on cotton bags, canvas bags, RPET and other bags, and can also be printed with excellent results if the resolution of the photos is guaranteed. Generally, after providing photo printing to the supplier, the supplier should print out the required photo on the sample bag played for the customer’s confirmation, and after confirming it is correct, then mass production will be carried out.

1.2 Embroidery

The bag factory’s embroidery machine can embroider the graphic file sent by the customer onto the bag. This is different from the machine used for printing pictures, and the embroidery will produce a more textured, three-dimensional design than a photo print.

1.3 Heat Transfer

The principle of heat transfer printing is somewhat like the transfer printing method. In heat transfer printing, a pattern is first printed on the paper with dispersed type dyes and printing inks, and then the printing paper (also called transfer paper) is stored for use in textile printing plants.

2. What is an EPS file?

The EPS file format is also known as PS format with pre-viewed images and the page size can be determined by the overall rectangular boundaries of the objects on the saved page, so it can be used to save either a standard page size in grouping software or a rectangular area of objects of independent size.

The advantage of using EPS for bag printing is that EPS artwork can be freely resized without reducing the resolution. So, no matter how big or small the bag is printed with the same pattern, the quality of the pattern will be the same. This is why bag printing images need EPS original files.

3. Tips to make printing look better

3.1 Simple

Since printing a company logo or slogan on a bag is something you want more people to see, it is important to make sure your printing is simple enough so that people can clearly identify it at a glance. Simple, clear graphics will make your bags look great!

3.2 Using complementary colors

Color matching can have a very big impact on the design outcome, so as a bag printing, which color schemes can be matched together?

  • Black printing: there are many bag colors to choose from, avoid purple or black.
  • White print: many bag colors to choose from, avoid white and yellow bags.
  • Red print: white, black, and gray bags are the best choice. Avoid red, pink, and orange bags.
  • Yellow prints: black, purple, light green and red bags work best. Avoid white and yellow bags.
  • Blue prints: brown and white bags work best. Avoid aqua, purple, and black bags.
  • Green prints: Choose white bags for best results. Avoid green and black bags.

3.3 Double-sided printing

Since the choice of printing, of course, both sides should be printed, so that you can maximize the amount of exposure. Although the cost of double-sided printing will be higher, given the increase in exposure, the increased cost is still acceptable. If the same design is printed on both sides, only one design needs to be provided.

4. Conclusion

Bag printing is not a complicated matter, it mainly depends on the customer’s own needs, we can provide a printing solution that suits your needs, contact us now and get your designed artwork printed on your bags.

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