Backpack vs Messenger Bag

Which bag do you like better, backpack or messenger bag? Do you have trouble when deciding which one to buy? Here are the pros and cons listed to help you make your decision.

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When traveling would it be better to have a backpack or a messenger as your regular day bag? Messengers are better for pickpockets and ease around crowded areas, and makes you stand out less, whereas backpacks are better for weight and comfort, So what’s your preference?

The Pros and Cons of Backpack and Messenger



  • Carry heavy load better, distribute the load evenly across your back
  • More pockets and compartments to better organize stuff
  • Most have protective laptop sleeves
  • More comfortable with padded backstraps and even weight
  • More versatile, from the office to the wilderness


  • Your back may be sweaty
  • Easier for Pickpockets
  • Tend to overpack stuff
  • Look a bit strange when worn upfront

Messenger: PROS AND CONS


  • Easier to carry valuables closer to the body
  • Less sweaty on your back
  • More stylish
  • Won’t wrinkle clothing as backpacks do
  • Most are available with well-padded laptop compartments.
  • A bigger opening makes it easier to access


  • cause strain on one side if packed too heavy
  • Capacity is smaller than a backpack
  • Less stable under movement
  • Not durable as a backpack


So, after reviewing the pros and cons of backpack and messenger bag, do you have a clear idea of which to choose? In a word, the decision is made on your main needs.

  • Weight: If you carry heavy item for a long time, your first option is backpack.
  • Transportation: If you usually commute by public transport, messenger bag can guarantee you more safety and easier access to your things.

Ultimately, a messenger bag is more suitable for shorter journeys and less/smaller items, while a backpack is more suitable for carrying books/laptops/other heavy objects. Now, you know how to choose your bag, right?

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