Which Kind of Backpack Sewing Thread Do You Prefer?

Backpacks are not formed in one piece and must be sewn by workers. The thread used for sewing is divided into different materials, have you ever understood the material of these threads?

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The structure of a backpack may seem simple, but in fact there are many production details involved. Buyers need to pay attention not only to the price, fabric, color, but also to the more detailed stitching of backpack threads. Which thread is suitable for outdoor bags and which thread is suitable for ordinary bags? Today we will briefly introduce several threads commonly used for backpack sewing.

There are three kinds of common sewing threads: cotton thread, nylon thread, and polyester thread.

Cotton threads—— further divided into three specific types.

  • The first is 100% cotton thread, which is smooth and easy to sew. Many canvas bags are made using cotton thread so that the bags are stronger.
  • The second is pure cotton silk, this type of cotton thread has high strength and does not shrink, which is soft to the touch and lustrous, and is suitable for the garment industry patchwork sewing.
  • The third is the fine machine embroidery thread, which is suitable for embroidery.

Polyester thread, which has some elasticity and is stronger than rayon, is good for quilting stitches on silk, linen, synthetics, etc.

Nylon thread, which is mostly used for women’s fashion backpacks or leather bags, such as men’s briefcases. Nylon thread is strong and can be used as decoration, making the product look senior.

To sum up: nylon thread is suitable for delicate backpacks, thicker than cotton thread, not suitable for backpacks with fabrics that are too thin, otherwise it will leave thick pinholes and affect the beauty.

Cotton thread is stronger and softer than polyester thread, suitable for canvas bags. Cotton thread lacks elasticity and is suitable for decoration on the bag and will not deform.

Polyester thread has elasticity, strength is not as strong as nylon and cotton thread, and is suitable for backpacks that need some elasticity fabric.

Customers can choose the most suitable thread according to their own needs when customizing backpacks. If you still can’t determine which one is suitable for you, welcome to contact us and we will recommend the most suitable backpack products and accessories for you. Fill out the form below and contact us now.

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