How To Select Sports Duffel Bags

We should continue to work out even in the day of COVID-19, duffel bag is an essential for we to take to gym or outdoors.

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The current Covid-19 virus has had a major impact on our lifestyle but we should not give up our exercise habits. Health is priceless. The current situation has many psychological, behavioral and physical effects on all of us. However, living in a state of lockdown does not necessarily mean giving up a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, it can be the perfect opportunity to improve your physical fitness!

As long as you maintain a safe physical distance and personal hygiene in public places, you can still jog, hike and walk with your friends. During such outdoor sports, it’s a good idea to keep all your sports-related items in your sports duffel bag. This way, not only will your hands be free, but all your personal belongings will be neat and tidy.

How to find the right sports duffel bag for you. Below, we will list a series of selection criteria and share what a perfect duffel bag should look like.

Four criteria for selecting a sports duffel

As with any other bag purchase, there are several key aspects to consider in the selection process, including the type of fabric, adaptability to your sporting activities and spaciousness.

In addition, appearance is also an important aspect.


Whatever the sporting activity, you need a reliable and durable duffel bag that can be stuffed with all the essentials. In addition, if you play sport at least twice a week, the fabric and design of your sports duffel must be strong enough to withstand any wear and tear.

Don’t forget that just the basics (such as running shoes, gym clothes and water) take up a lot of space. Therefore, when choosing your sports travel bag, you should look for one that is sturdy and reliable.


When looking for the perfect sports duffel, make sure it is spacious enough to hold all your gear. For this reason, large main compartments are a must.

You can use the main compartment to store your clothes and toiletries, while your shoes can go in another compartment. This ensures that you don’t store your dirty clothes alongside your clean clothes or shoes.

On the other hand, carrying your gym bag should be effortless. An easy-to-use and lightweight duffel bag will help. Try to strike a balance between the spaciousness of your bag and its lightness.


Of course, some people don’t care about the look of their sports duffel, but for most people, a sports duffel will also reflect your personal taste.

If you’re ready to swap a blank duffel bag for a unique one made just for you, decorate your sports bag with words, symbols, or drawings. This will make your bag look very stylish.


If you practice more than one sporting activity, the first thing to consider is the bag’s adaptability to different types of sporting activities. For example, taking the same duffel for exercise, hiking or even traveling without worrying about forgetting something important in another bag.

What to pack in your sports duffel?

Everyone has probably experienced the annoying feeling that we forget to bring something important(such as headphones or trainers) after we arrive at the gym at least once.

Having your list of sports bag essentials can help you pick the right one for you.

Sports Shoes

Your sports shoes are obviously an essential item. The type of shoes required for a specific sport is important. For example, you can’t go for a run in bulky hiking shoes or go for a quiet yoga practice in dusty running shoes.

In addition, having several pairs of alternating sports shoes will allow you to keep your shoes dry, which will prevent smelly feet.

Sports clothes

There’s nothing more annoying than bringing the wrong important workout clothes. The wrong pair of sweatpants could turn your yoga workout into a disaster. The material of your workout clothes is also important, for example in summer you should choose a high-performance breathable fabric that keeps you fresh.

Water Bottle

You need to choose a lightweight, reusable stainless steel water bottle with a BPA-free lid. In the long run, you will save more money if you buy a reusable water bottle than if you buy mineral water or sports drinks.


Some gyms will ask you to bring a towel. This is not only hygienic but also polite as even if you don’t sweat too much, the sweat you leave on the exercise equipment can affect the next person who uses it.

Even if you are working out on your own outdoors, you should bring a towel to freshen up after your workout.

Self-Care Products

Whatever your sport and wherever you go, hygiene is important. You should try to freshen up after strenuous exercise.

Our collection

Now that you know some of the key aspects of choosing an exercise bag, it’s time to show you some of our best products. As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to get our workout program back on track is to buy your new favorite gym duffel.

Here are three of our coolest gym duffel bags.

1. Foldable Gym Bag

Duffel Bag 20-24-28 Inches, Foldable Gym Bag for Men/Women, Lightweight with Inner Pocket for Travel and Sports

The spacious main room for your clothes & stuff, one inner pocket for private items, one front pocket for quick access, one adjustable & detachable shoulder strap, and one reinforced hand-carry strap.

2. Waterproof Duffel Bag

Wet and dry separation. Separate shoe compartment design. Detachable shoulder pad. Spacious main zipper pocket and 5 separate pockets. A separated zipper compartment on the left side for shoes, laundry, or dirty gear storage. One fully waterproof wet pocket, one zipper slip pocket on the right, and one pocket on the back.

3. Rolling duffel

30 Inch Rolling duffel bag has 2 front pockets with a big compartment.

Additional storage has been provided with this bag to make room for your toiletries and electronic devices.

The examples above are just a few of our company’s products. We have many other great bag products, so please feel free to ask.

No matter how inconvenient fitness may become due to current circumstances, continue your physical activity! A healthy body will also keep your mind healthy.

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