How To Pick the Right Backpack

You can't go outdoors without a backpack, and it's important to choose the right one for your outdoor activities.

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Backpack selection advice

This advice is from professionals

When deciding on a backpack size, don’t think of the bag as a T-shirt, but as shoes.

A well-fitting backpack keeps you comfortable and effortless outdoors. It also allows you to use your pack in the right way and to fully stuff it with space. These two aspects allow you to achieve not only the high performance of the pack but also your own best performance and the full enjoyment of the journey.

Step 1 Measure torso length

Pick up the tape measure from the C7 vertebrae to the center of the patella. Tilt your head forward to make it easier to find the highest bump at the base of the neck, which is the C7 vertebrae and the starting point for measurement. Tilt your head back so that the tape measure follows the spine all the way to the center of the patella – a point in the center of the spine, flush with the highest point of the patella.

Step 2 Select a backpack

Once you know your torso length, you can choose the appropriate size in your preferred backpack.

Step 3 Try on the torso length

We always recommend carrying at least 9-18 pounds in the pack when trying out the back. After this, it is most important to make sure the upper edge of the belt is located 1 inch above the iliac crest (third and fourth lumbar vertebrae). Next, the shoulder straps should wrap smoothly around the shoulders and begin to wrap around the back at about 3 inches below the top of the shoulders. If the straps begin to transition to the back at less than 3 inches, then try carrying the larger size.

Why are outdoor backpacks divided into male and female models?

Do backpacks really fit your body?

You can have a fairly large and nice backpack. However, it feels heavier than it actually is on the back, and many people continue to use it and feel uncomfortable, but don’t know why. In fact, part of it comes down to your compatibility with the pack, like wearing ill-fitting shoes.

There are differences in the physiology of men and women

Since backpacks use the waist and shoulders to support the weight of the items carried, it is important that the backpack design is appropriate for skeletons with gender differences. Women have a wider, rounded pelvis than men. Women have narrower shoulder widths and are shorter in height compared to men.

What are the characteristics of women’s backpacks

The shoulder strap is installed in a narrow position according to the woman’s shoulder width. It is thin and mounted at the proper angle so as not to interfere with the bust. The design has a back length that fits women because it is somewhat shorter than men and the waistband fits around a wide round pelvis. Like shoes and clothing, backpacks are available in the right size.

Choose a backpack based on the number of items and destination

Two-day and one-night mountain hikes to and from mountain huts, or long trails stuffed with tents and food, etc. …… You can choose the right type of backpack according to the style of the route, the amount of luggage you bring.

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