Advantages of Using Mesh Bags

Mesh bags have become the new fashion for people to use for shopping, compared to plastic bags, what are the advantages of mesh bags? Is it worth buying?

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We all know that plastic bags hurt the earth and now people are doing what they can to protect the environment, besides the reusable cotton or canvas tote bags we mentioned before, mesh bags are also an alternative to plastic bags, perfect to carry when you go grocery shopping.

Plastic bags and plastic bottles account for a large part of the garbage. Statistics show that about one million plastic bags are used worldwide every minute. A million of them! What an amazing number, how can we reduce this huge number? Let’s start with the use of mesh bags.

Polypropylene mesh bags can package different items, such as fruits and groceries.

Mesh bags are super convenient and safe to use. Mesh bags are reusable and robust, environmentally friendly and cost-saving. Reusable mesh bags can help a lot in reducing the use of plastic bags. This article highlights the reasons for switching to mesh bags and the benefits of mesh bags.

1. Why mesh bags are useful?

Mesh bags are very lightweight and convenient, they are a must for going grocery shopping. Fruits and vegetables in these bags can be stored directly in the refrigerator or hung up with a drawstring. No one will not need fruit and vegetables, so the use of bags for fruit and vegetables can be very high. Then organic cotton mesh bags become the most environmentally friendly choice because they are reusable, biodegradable and durable, easy to maintain, machine washable and easy to dry.

2. Benefits

2.1 Durable

When it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, you need a durable bag. General plastic bags are not durable when subjected to great pressure, especially when the items are irregular in shape or heavy, the bottom of the plastic bag will likely be at risk of tearing. This time, the mesh bag comes in handy. These bags are more resistant to wear and tear. In addition, mesh bags can also be used to carry sharp objects without being torn. They can also hold a lot of weight, which makes them very handy when you need to carry fruits and vegetables. Usually, fruits and vegetables can be heavy.

2.2 Eco-friendly

Mesh bags do not end up in landfills like single-use plastic bags. Plastic bags take millions of years to decompose, so despite being in landfills, it still poses a threat to the environment. Plastic bags may seem small and light enough to have no impact on the environment, but the production of plastic bags consumes a lot of energy and many resources are not renewable. So when you use reusable bags, you’re actually reducing energy consumption. Every time we buy groceries and fruits, we use small plastic bags from supermarkets, but this actually causes great waste and pollution, if you use net bags every time you go shopping, day by day, you will make a huge contribution to the environment, thanks to your choice, reducing the waste produced, while reducing plastic in landfills and oceans.

2.3 Small space occupation

Mesh bags offer the most flexibility in storing products during shipping, unlike cardboard boxes which can create a lot of wasted space, and you can tuck them anywhere in your refrigerator or pantry. Using mesh, you can also attach mesh bags to hooks to maximize the use of space.

2.4 Keep Food Fresh

Plastic bags are not suitable for preserving food because they do not breathe and can leach toxic plastics into the food. Mesh bags do not have this problem, the food can be fully exposed to air and maintain freshness.

Improper handling of plastic bags can cause serious damage to the environment. Therefore, environmentally friendly mesh bags are the best alternative to plastic bags.

2.5 Reusable

The advantage of reusable mesh bags is of course “reusable”. The materials used to produce mesh bags are extremely durable and take up little space for storage, so they can simply be stored in your home.

3. Conclusion

Mesh bags are made of durable materials for long-lasting use. Mesh produce bags can easily hold many vegetables and fruits. Easy to use, mesh bags are a great alternative to disposable paper bags, and plastic bags and satisfy your desire for environmental protection.

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  1. I love that you talked about keeping the bags from going into landfills because they are not for single usage. I will make sure to buy myself Baggu reusable bags starting this year, so I will be doing my part in saving the planet. It has been on of the things in my New Year’s resolution list to be more conscious about what I use for the benefit of the environment.

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